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Dating norms don’t hold up in the Tinder age, according to GrubHub

Dating is hard enough without bringing more hangups to the table. According to a nationwide poll of more than 2,000 people by GrubHub and Tinder, many seeking love are moving away from certain social mores, as a new generation dominates the dating scene. Take, for instance, the traditional “paying of the bill.” Some may think that… Read more

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9 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Is your relationship going downhill? Maintaining a relationship is not easy and most couples encounter a few bumps along the road to a lasting relationship. If not recognized earlier, these bumps could push couples to take the relationship to the wrong direction leading to break-ups or divorce. It is important to recognize these relationship killers ahead… Read more

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Believe In True Love? That Could Hurt Your Sex Life

A new study suggests the key to better sex isn’t the hottest new sex toy, or a crazy position, but rather your attitude on love and destiny. According to the research, individuals who believe that love and hot sex are something that require time and work are happier and more sexually satisfied than those who believe… Read more


This Habit Can Revive the Passion in Your Marriage

Ninety-three percent of married respondents and 84 percent of those who were unmarried told Pew Research Center that love is the best reason for marriage. It’s the reason my wife, Tami, and I married. Then, as in many marriages, conflict put a strain on our passion for each other. We discovered how to manage conflict –… Read more

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Simple Ways to Keep Love Alive in Your Relationship

Keeping a relationship fresh as time goes by can be challenging for most couples. Whether the cause has to do with each having busy lives or simply getting too accustomed to each other, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the flame burning in the relationship. The first way doesn’t have to do… Read more

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