Champagne & fireworks

Famous people want you to drink their wines. But should you?

Once they’re famous, people love to make wine. Or at least be associated with making wine by purchasing a vineyard or two. I totally get where they are coming from, although on my budget I can barely afford the organic grapes at Whole Foods, so there are no such purchases in my future. But can we… Read more

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Prone to wine hangovers? Texas startup says its wand can help

GRAPEVINE, Texas — David Meadows tries all kinds of wines. He typically drinks one or two glasses a day, usually with his evening meal. He jokes that his wine collection is now part of his lab supplies, an “R&D expense” of sorts for his Grapevine startup. Meadows is CEO and co-founder of PureWine, the company behind… Read more

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Italy: Adler Thermae Resort and Spa’s Tuscany yoga

Some things obviously belong together: peanut butter and jelly, Popeye and Olive Oyl, shoes and socks, black and white, ham and eggs and, of course, Tuscany and spas. To do otherwise would be unnatural, and the Adler Thermae in Tuscany is as “natural” as it gets. Situated between the… Read more


Romantic Couple Adventures

ROMANTIC COUPLE ADVENTURES This list of Romantic Couple Adventures covers something for everyone. From the nature lover, adventure lover, cultural lover to the love struck adventurers. TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA Surround yourself in Mother Nature in the great southwest wilderness of Tasmania. Start your adventure with observing the rugged southern coastline from the air whilst on your journey… Read more

wine champagne rose reisling chardonnay merlot shiraz dessert wine

Fake profiles and scams rampant on dating websites

A man and a woman have a date in a public matchmaking event in Anyang, Henan province on June 22, 2014. [Photo/IC] Dating websites fail at verifying personal profiles as they claimed and people who work there blew the whistle on matchmaking fraud, The Beijing Times reported on Wednesday. Dating websites are in the spotlight as… Read more

The Future of $10 Chocolate

Chocolate journalist Megan Giller explains how one of America’s fastest growing food industries is coming into its own, and how the best chocolate ever made is still to come Bean-to-Bar: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution Storey Publishing Buy Megan Giller speaks of chocolate the way Michael Corleone does of the Mob. “Just when I think I’m done… Read more

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Beginner’s guide to sherry

Don’t be afraid of sherry. Don’t look down on it, either, because it is one of the world’s great wine styles. Sherry comes from the area around the town of Jerez de la Frontera — you can just call it Jerez — in the autonomous region of southern Spain known as Andalusia. The country has many… Read more

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