20 Romantic Date Nights To Enjoy

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To keep passion and desire alive in a relationship couples should schedule and plan romantic couple nights. It’s not always possible or affordable to go out on your planned romantic couple nights so this is a list of at home romantic night ideas:


1. Get creative in the kitchen
Ignite the romance starting in the kitchen by cooking a never before tried meal together. Look for meals that will stir romantic feelings in the both of you.

Romantic Couple Nights

2. Eat under the stars
Being outdoors under the stars is definitely a romantic setting. Set up a late night picnic under the stars with champagne, candles and music.


2. Movie night
Indulge in your favorite film genre or watch your favorite romance movies in a movie marathon. Don’t forget your favorite movie munchies, glass of wine, pillows and a blanket.

Romantic Couple Nights

3. Take a trip down memory lane
Flick through the photo albums showing photos of your favorite memories of special events and wonderful holidays when your romance was blossoming.


4. Video night
Watch videos of great family events, adventures and birthdays. A great way to remember the history of your romance growing.

Romantic Couple Nights

5. Cocktails on the porch
At the end of the day all you want to do is relax. Why not mix a new cocktail and enjoy it on the porch while watching the romantic sunset.


6. Dirty dancing anyone?
Dim the lights, light some candles and put on romantic music and get up close and personal.

Romantic Couple Nights

7. Star gazing
All you need is a blanket, pillows and wine. Lay back and look for constellations under the romantic blanket of stars.


8. Sexy treasure hunt
Write a list of clues for your partner that leads them to an item that can be used in the bedroom at the end of the hunt. A fun way to start a night of romance and desire.

Romantic Couple Nights

9. Create your own signature dessert
Create a sexy seductive romantic dessert for each other to be eaten in bed.


10. Love letters
Write each other a romantic love letter during the day and read to each other over a glass of wine.


11. Pamper night in
Indulge each other with decadent and luxurious skin care products from masks, bath oil, foot and hand creams. Pamper each other by lavishly applying the products to each other.

Romantic Couple Nights

12. Plan a trip
Discuss all your travel desires to romantic locations and plan the trip of your dreams. Gather information, ideas and photos for your next romantic holiday.


13. Enjoy the rain
Go outside and stand in the rain. The feeling of the rain drenching you is a refreshing and liberating experience. Then bring the romance inside by having a warm bubble bath together with candles, music, bubbles and champagne of course!

Romantic Couple Nights

14. Create a vision board
Cut out pictures from magazines and brochures of all the things your desire to have or do in your life. Place a picture of the two of you in the center of a piece of cardboard. Stick the pictures pointed towards you so as to attract it into your life. Your pictures should overlap and look like a collage. Don’t worry if you can’t fill the cardboard entire this will allow you to add more pictures as you find them.

Romantic Couple Nights

15. Cognac by the fire
Enjoy a romantic evening by the fire by snuggling up to each other while enjoying a beautiful glass of cognac and decadent gourmet chocolates while indulging in the beauty of your relationship.


16. Massages for two
Surprise your loved one with a couple massage. Hire masseuses to come to your home and give you a couple massage. This is a great way to alleviate the stress of the day and set the mood for a romantic evening.

Romantic Couple Nights

17. Play a sexy game
Play an adult board or card game. It could be a game that has you stripping or performing certain acts or divulging your secret sexual desires. A great way to ignite sexual desire.


18. Create a couple bucket list
Discuss and explore the adventures that each of you would like to do. If it’s something only one of you would like to do that’s ok be supportive of one another.

Romantic Couple Nights

19. Skinny dipping anyone?
Place candles around the pool, play romantic music, have the champagne chilling in an ice bucket along with chocolate coated strawberries. Strip off and jump in!


20. Connect with each other
Lay still next to each other in the quiet of the night in the dark taking turns asking each other intimate questions you may have been afraid to ask before.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode



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